Have you ever wondered. . .

  • How does my business income compare to the overall industry?
  • What is possible to achieve in my region and market segment?
  • Is there a report to reference when I need industry data to make informed decisions and strategic plans?



You show me yours, and I'll show you mine! 

The brainchild of Vita Vygovska and Jeanelle Dech, The Transparency Initiative began with a short, anonymous survey of custom soft furnishings professionals requesting basic information about business demographics and income. The survey was live from February 20 - April 20, 2018. The results have been compiled and are available for purchase by clicking here. Survey participants are entitled to a copy at no charge. If you completed the survey, check you email for a code to use at checkout for your free copy.  

Here is the genesis of the initiative. It all started with a simple question…

"What is my financial ceiling, if I wanted to continue working alone and not work nights and weekends," asked Vita Vygovska, when Jeanelle Dech made a presentation on SWOT Analysis and Strategic Planning at the NJ chapter of WCAA. Later in the year, it continued with another question: "Why is everyone in this industry so willing to share everything else, but when it comes to money and income, sharing stops?"

Furthermore, while salary surveys are a common practice in almost every other field, these questions are rarely asked, let alone shared, in the Custom Soft Furnishings Industry. Well, anyone who knows Jeanelle knows that she wouldn't stand for an unexplored opportunity, and so the partnership was born. 

Jeanelle and Vita got together, and many telephone discussions, emails, and in-person meetings later, the Transparency Initiative took shape.

The vision for this initiative was simple:

  • provide a safe space where we all can share and receive demographic and financial information
  • compile and present the data in a report that is useful and easy to understand
  • inspire us all to know what's possible

Be part of something greater than ourselves as individuals, something that will prove illuminating to us all, and something that is much needed for our industry.

Vita and Jeanelle