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Drapery & Design Digital Digest Nov/Dec 2020

  • The Fabric is Everything by Taryn Pearce for Keely Hersh
  • COVID notes from Margie Nance
  • New Roman Shade Method Shares with Elki Horn and The Workroom Channel
  • Boxed Pillows with Turkish Corners by Susan Woodcock
  • Interview with Lea Tran by Susan Woodcock
  • Installing a Zipper with Rachel Fletcher

Drapery & Design Digital Digest - Sept/Oct 2020 

  • Octahedron Pillow Pattern by Laura Nelson
  • Ribbed Roman Shades Course Update
  • First Place Vision Desing Award - Keely Hersh
  • Batik Dyeing Celebration with Adaptive Textiles



Drapery & Design Digital Digest - July/August 2020

  • I Thought I Couldn't Be Racist by Jeanelle Dech
  • Three Story Blocked Panels by Terri Boozer and Rachel Barrera
  • Make Your Transition & Restart Plan by Michele Williams
  • How to Create a Stand Out Design Submission by Taryn Pearce
  • Channel Back Upholstery Technique by Cynthia Blescachek
  • The NUA Addresses Racial Injustice by Rachel Fletcher




Drapery & Design Digital Digest - May/June 2020

A tribute to our dear friend, Beth Hodges



Drapery & Design Digital Digest - March/April 2020

  • Free Week at the Library
  • Help Flatten the Curve with Fabric Masks
  • Easy Spring Plus Lift System Simplified with Elki Horn
  • Low Bulk Pleated Drapery by Susan Woodcock
  • Waterfall Cushion by Jeanelle Dech
  • Mask Pattern by Jackie Von Tobel



 Drapery & Design Digital Digest - January/February 2019 

  • French Country Style in El Dorado by Keely Hersh
  • Invisible Chair Cushion with Invisible Zipper by Nancy Letts
  • 5 Signs It's Time to Scale and Grow Your Interior Design Business by Michele Williams
  • Real Workrooms - Grahn's Upholstery
  • There is a Difference Between Projection and Return by Seamless Workroom
  • Trimming Down Easy Spring Plus with Elki Horn






 Drapery & Design Digital Digest - November/December 2019

  •  Stretching Yourself by Betsey Reigle
  •  Sharing Expertise by Karen Barnes
  •  Bolster Pillow with Inset Flange by Susan Woodcock
  •  El Dorado Hills Dining Room by Keely Hersch
  •  Build Your Own Lining Rack by The Workroom Marketplace
  •  Kelly Clarkson's Green Room by Kristi Kohut



 Drapery & Design Digital Digest - September/October 2019

  • NUA Symposium by Michelle Minner
  • The Sew Much More Podcast Community at CWC by Ceil DiGuglielmo
  • Shaped Top Window Treatments by Ann K. Johnson
  • Workroom tips on Instagram #csfrl
  • Managing a Slow Revenue Month by Michele Williams
  • Supportive Shoes in the Workroom by Laura Nelson
  • The Crowning Touch by Joanie Johnson
  • M'Fay Inspired by Jeanelle Dech

  • DIY Fabric Book Covers by Corynne and Jeanelle Dech
  • Döfix Track and Boiler Iron Track Installation by Susan Woodcock and Robert Döhlemann
  • The History of The Printed Table Grid Podcast with Jeanelle Dech and Anita Boetsma
  • Master Bedroom in Eldorado Hills by Keely Hersh
  • Making a Seam Roll by Susan Woodcock
  • When You Want A Goal To Be More Than A Wish by Michele Williams


Drapery & Design Digital Digest - May/June 2019

  • Pouf Tutorial by Jill Ragan Scully
  • Sewing Shaped Edge Banding by Susan Woodcock
  • Build A Cart for Rolled Goods by Nancy Letts
  • Draping and Drafting a Wedding Dress by Jeanelle Dech
  • New Drapery Panel Course on TWC
  • Benefits of GPO's by Seamless Workroom



 Drapery & Design Digital Digest - January/February 2019

  • döfix Crash Effects, Beth Hodges
  • Removing Stains From Your Projects, Laura Nelson
  • Installers Are Worth Their Weight In Gold, Seamless Workroom
  • Pleated Drapery With Attached Valance, Susan Woodcock
  • Quilted Vinyl, Kevin Kise



Drapery & Design Digital Digest - January/February 2019

  • Handling Sales Challenges, Madeleine MacRae
  • Slipcover Design Tips, Karen Powell
  • Drapery Hems with Blackout Lining, Susan Woodcock
  • Life's Next Chapter, Rose Mary LeBlanc
  • Your Dreams Can Be Tools, Michele Williams



Drapery & Design Digital Digest – December 2018

  • Holiday Decorating Made Easy, JoAnne Lenart-Weary
  • Find Your Creative Muse, JoAnne Lenart-Weary
  • The Riches are in the Niches, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • A Design Plan that Works, Monique Becker
  • Understanding Foam for Home Furnishings, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • How to Accomplish Change in Your Business, Michele Williams




Drapery & Design Digital Digest – October/November 2018

  • London Interiors Insider Report, Morwenna Brett
  • SPEED Adjustable Pleating Template, Ann K. Johnson
  • Interview with Grace McNamara, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Getting Comfortable with Oversize Part 3, Deb Cronin
  • Colors Make a Huge Difference in a Small Space, Amy Wax
  • Pieced Pillow with Stripes, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Custom Workroom Conference Wrap Up, Susan Woodcock




Drapery & Design Digital Digest - September 2018

  • The Joy of Drafting Your Own Designs, Ann K. Johnson
  • Getting Comfortable With Oversize, Part 2, Deb Cronin
  • Buckram-Fold Roman Shade, Part 2, Susan Woodcock
  • Workroom Tour: Beyond Windows, Jennifer DeRosa
  • Upholstery 101, Kippi O'Hearn
  • Beanbag Chair Tutorial, Jill Ragan Scully


Drapery & Design Digital Digest - August 2018

  • The Best Countertops in the Market Today, Jill Ragan Scully
  •  Workroom Tour: JM Custom Creations, Jayna Manzelli
  • It's Show Time!, Kitty Stein
  • 5 Tips for Traveling, Beth Hodges
  • What Do Your Kids Think About Your Business?
  • The Window Fashions Artisan Project, Terri Booser
  • Getting Comfortable With Oversize, Deb Cronin




 Drapery & Design Digital Digest - July 2018

  • Buckram-Fold, Blackout Roman Shade, Susan Woodcock
  • döfix Sheer Adhesive Lining, Beth Hodges
  • The Upholsterer of the Future, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • Tuffets Galore, Caterina Meadows
  • Wish I'd Known Then..., Rose Mary LeBlanc & Amanda Smith
  • How to Button Tuft a Headboard, Kippi O'Hern
  • Draw-Matic Products, Sheista Breitkopf
  • Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color Forecast
  • Save the Stress for Stuff that Matters, Libby Huber




 Drapery & Design Digital Digest - June 2018

  • How to Make a Tufted Bench, Caterina Meadows
  • 8 Furniture Thrifting Tips, Kippi O'Hern
  • Workroom Tour: The Sophisticated Touch, Pamela Lin
  • Don't Mix Your Cleans and Dirties, Linda Erlam
  • Easy Spring Plus Shade Installation, Elki Horn
  • The Transparency Initiative Report
  • How to Control Your Finances So They Don't Control You, Michele Williams
  • 8 Ways to Freshen Your Walls, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Quick Tip for a Measurement Challenge, Judy Soccio


Drapery & Design Digital Digest - May 2018

  • MomPreneurship, Jeanelle and Cory Dech
  • London Design Week Spring 2018 Report, Morwenna Brett
  • Evolution of a Drapery Designer - Part 2, Judy Soccio
  • Planning for Ribbon Miters, Jill Ragan Scully
  • How to Spring Clean Your Curtains, Penny Bruce
  • Workroom Tour: Sugar& Spice Draperies and Shades, Terri Booser and Rachel Barrera
  • Branding Your Business with Fabrics, Libby Huber
  • Workroom First Aid, Laura Nelson
  • Pli-Grip Strip on Upholstered Wing Chair, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • Business Bravery: How to Recognize and Manage Your Fears, Michele Williams


Drapery & Design Digital Digest - April 2018
  • Pillow with Pleated Inset Flange, Susan Woodcock
  • Yardage Calculation and Pattern Matching, Fran Fox and Jeanelle Dech
  • Evolution of a Drapery Designer, Judy Soccio
  • Bead Weight Chain in Drapery Lining, Terri Booser and Rachel Barrera
  • Seven Ways to Keep Your Business Growing Strong, Roger Magalhaes
  • Slipcover Waterfall Skirt, Kelly McGrory and Jeanelle Dech
  • Real Workrooms: The Funky Little Chair, Cynthis Bleskachek
  • What's Hot & What's Not in 2018, JoAnne Lenart Weary




Drapery & Design Digital Digest - March 2018

  • Starburst Pillow Tutorial, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Metal Zipper in a Knife Edge Pillow, Jeanelle Dech and Yazmin Guzman-Juarez
  • Refresh Your Property for the Spring Real Estate Market, Tricia Wallace
  • DIY Upholstery Sawhorses, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • Put a Little (beaded) Weight Into It, Ann K. Johnson
  • Organize Your Sewing Studio, Jann Newton
  • Kirsch Ripplefold Drapery System, Part 2, Steve Landis
  • Invisible Zipper Next to Welt Cord, Nancy Letts and Jeanelle Dech




Drapery & Design Digital Digest - February 2018

  • Why Are Slipcovers Called Summer Dress?, Rose Mary LeBlanc
  • Design Fundamentals Everyone Should Know, Joanne Lenart-Weary
  • Book Excerpt: Window Treatments for Designers and Decorators, Linda Erlam
  • Understanding Kirsch Ripplefold Drapery System, Steve Landis
  • Pantone Color of the Year 2018 - Ultra Violet, Kelly McGrory
  • Austrian Shade Tutorial, Deb Cronin



Drapery & Design Digital Digest - January 2018

  • döfix Flexwave, Beth Hodges
  • New Year - New Business, Michele Williams
  • The Workroom Miracle - Silicone Spray, Ann K. Johnson
  • Nailed It! Reuse Your Edge Protectors, Beth Dober Runkel
  • Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?, Zona Tiller
  • Make Your Installers Happy, Rose Mary LeBlanc
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