Drapery & Design Digital Digest 2017

Drapery & Design Digital Digest - December 2017

  • How to Make a Tree Skirt, Jann Newton
  • TheGreat Fabric Search, Eileen Zimmerman
  • Sewing a Curved Double Hem, Nancy Letts
  • The Beauty of Hand-Sewn Hems, Susan Woodcock
  • Three Strikes, and I'm Out!, Ann K. Johnson


Drapery & Design Digital Digest -  November 2017

  • Learning from a Design Icon, Meg Ruggiero Ovikian
  • Repeats are for the Birds - Working with Pattern Repeats, Tammi Le Nair
  • IWCE 2018 Construction Zone Preview, Terri Booser


Drapery & Design Digital Digest -  October 2017

  • Shirred Banding, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Have You Got Business Traction?, Michele Williams
  • Drapery Pleats with Hidden Tacks, Susan Woodcock
  • Developing the Seamless Workroom, Rose Mary LeBlanc and Amanda Deal Smith


Drapery and Design Digital Digest - September 2017

  • Rustic Lodge in Minnesota Ski Country, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Time Management in the Workroom, Christi Adams
  • Get in the Groove - Cornice Board Construction, Annie Davis
  • Gratitude and Giving Back,Michele Williams
  • Why Your Business Needs a Digital Newsletter, Jill Ragan Scully

August 2017 CoverDrapery and Design Digital Digest - July/August 2017

  • Indoor/Outdoor Arched Draperies, Karen Barnes
  • Successful Social Media, Lacy Vreeland
  • Do the MATH of Angled Windows - Pythagorean Theorem, Angela McAree


 Drapery and Design Digital Digest - May/June 2017 

  • Finishing Techniques: Rope Cord on Cornices, Scot Robbins
  • Discovering World Design, Joe Ruggiero
  • Workroom Innovation: Printed Table Canvas, Jeanelle Dech
  • Taming the Flare in Drapery Panels, Ann K. Johnson
  • Can You See What I'm Saying, Jeanne McDermott

Drapery and Design Digital Digest - March/April 2017

  • Create a Fabric Check-In Area, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Trending Now: Hygge, JoAnne Lenart-Weary
  • An Interview with Julie Wood, Margie Nance
  • Ruffle on Sheer, Jeanelle Dech
  • Healthier Home Offices, Jamie and Morgan Molitor

Drapery and Design Digital Digest - Jan

  • How to Pre-Line a Cornice, Annie Davis
  • Would Someone Hold Me Accountable?, Michele Williams
  • Create and Inspection Machine, Liz Hawkes
  • Pattern Matching - This Technique "Seams" so Perfect, Jean W. Lawes
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